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Eddie Sharaga

b.1978 Romania

Lives in Israel, currently resides in Shoham.


What I do? Who I am?

A Self-Taught contemporary artist, living, working and exhibiting in the past 8 years in Israel and Ireland. Bringing together a wide range of Ideas that correspond with the present, past and future. A devoted classicist with a huge admiration for modern and contemporary aesthetics. By using various techniques and mediums such as charcoals, acrylics, oils, paper-collage and others, vivid works of art come to life withholding secrets of nostalgia, futurism and existentialism.  


Selected Exhibitions


2012 , “Salon Dáoutomn”, Jaffa Port, Israel
2013 , “World wide Market” , Shoam’s Cultural center ,Israel
2013 , “World wide Market” , Library of Social science, Tel-Aviv University , Israel
2013 , “Portraits and in between” , Shoam’s Cultural center ,Israel
2013 , “Hand to eye” , “Green House” Gallery , Tel-Aviv University , Israel
2013 , “Darkness to light” , South Sharon Cultural center , Hod-Hasharon , Israel

2014 , "Winter clothing", South Sharon Cultural center , Hod-Hasharon , Israel

2014 , “Blooming and Art” , Shoam’s Cultural center ,Israel

2016 , "Sexuality and Gender" , Halal Gallery, Gan Hair, Tel-Aviv

2018   "Dream", Cuckoo's nest gallery, Tel-Aviv


2013 , “As far as my eyes can see” , Shoam’s Cultural center ,Israel 



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